Democracy for Myanmar !!!Now is the TIME !!!


A meeting of the Buddhists monks [The STAR, 23 September 2007:W38] with the 62-year old international recognized figurehead of the pro-democracy movement, Aung San Suu Kyi at her rambling lakeside house provides a symbolic synergy that helps to further adds momentum to the people’s movement.  Indeed the symbolic (monks in saffron robe) has impinged upon the political space, “punctuating” a democratic space never so enduring in nearly 20 years. With additional symbolic capital since the meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy movement has seen a groundswell of about 10,000 people in downtown Yangon [The STAR, 23 September 2007:W37] from what was about 1500 Buddhist monks [The STAR, 23 September 2007:W38; Daily Express, 27th September, 2007:12].  The movement has gained momentum since its in inception on Sept 16, 2007.  

The symbolic action with its religious chants sends a message that reverberates in the hearts of the victimized:  May we be completely free from all danger, may we be completely free from grief, may we be completely free from poverty, may we have peace in our heart and mind.” (W38)  Let this message awakes the students, the farmers, members of the Christian Churches, peoples from all other walks of life in the cities, towns and villages. Let the many streams and rivulets flow into a river that washes the silt of military repression away from the bowels of Myanmar. Let this march ensures that blood of the martyrs of 1998 that once soaked the land red does not flowed in vain.   

World governments such as the US, UK, Australia, Japan, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon have called for restraint from taking action against the Buddhist monks. Let other voices of liberty for the oppressed speak in the global hall of justice, especially China and India.  

Let the voices of the nationwide prayer vigils be heard in the highest Heaven. Let the Shwedagon Pagoda be a religious site by which the Heaven delegitimizes the repressive military junta.

Let the showers of justice and pro-people democracy rain down on the people of Myanmar. Let a new dawn comes forth with enduring hope for all the downtrodden in Myanmar.    

                         Jojo M. Fung, SJ                                September 27, 2007.


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