Justice For Nurin !!


                         JUSTICE FOR NURIN !! 

The untimely death of the 8-year old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, the victim of brutal murder and sexual abuse, is a crime that cries out to God for justice. It is a crime that all believers of the different religions and goodwill should vehemently denounce as inhuman and hideous. As fellow Malaysian, this crime has violated the common humanity of all Malaysians, especially those who are being abused because of their gender and sexuality. It is a wake up call to once again commit ourselves to rid our nation of all forms of immoral violence directed against fellow Malaysians, be it institutional or sexual violence which continues to be an affront to the dignity to those who are violated and excluded. In this season of Ramadan, let all the believers of the different faiths unite our hearts with Nurin’s parents: Noraziah Bistaman and Jazimin Abdul Jalil, and the 3 siblings, 9-year old Jazshira, six-year old Jazrina and 18-month old Jazlisa, in pressing for justice for “Kah Ngah” so that her spirit may rest in the peace of God and the spirit of all girl-children and women of Malaysia rest in the assurance that our nation is becoming a safer and just space for ALL.                                           

                                                               Jojo M. Fung, SJ

                                                               September 21, 2007.


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